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Jul 18, 2018  

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Children bombarded with betting adverts during World Cup

A screengrab of an advert that was shown <a href= during the World Cup.' align='left' /> The GambleAware chief executive, Marc Etches, said: “In the absence of evidence, the concern is that this is an adult activity and young people are growing up with it being normalised. “They get exposed to it on television around sports, advertising online and gambling activities within [computer] games. “It seems to have gone too far. And for young people growing up there just seems to be a stronger and stronger affiliation between the two [gambling and sport] and I’m wary of that.” Fiona Dobbie, who is leading the University of Stirling’s research into gambling ads, said the study would analyse the response of children and other vulnerable groups to marketing. “This is very much a starting point and we hope it will make a positive contribution to future legislation and policy to protect children from gambling-related harm,” she said. “If we’d had something starting then [2007], we’d have much robust data but we’re now 10 years down the line.” According to ITV, nearly 30 million people watched England’s semi-final clash with Croatia. This increased the cost of gambling advertising on the channel because it allowed companies to reach so many people. Advertising industry sources said a 30-second spot during the semi-final of the World Cup could cost as much as £350,000 but that bookmakers and online casinos were paying a premium to secure blanket coverage. The Guardian analysed more than 1,300 adverts that were shown around the first 30 games shown by ITV in the competition.

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